My Story

Hi I’m Vicki, I am a fully qualified and experienced Bristol and North Somerset based KG Hypnobirthing and baby/infant massage teacher. I have trained through RCM (Royal College of Midwives) accredited courses; KG Hypnobirthing and Blossom & Berry Baby Massage, so that I can deliver outstanding lessons using accredited materials. I am also a primary school teacher with over 20 years worth of teaching experience.

When I became pregnant I was so excited but also slightly anxious about the road ahead. Being a first time mum I had no idea what to expect. We had already been on a long and at times rather emotional journey trying to get pregnant and now that I was pregnant I was rather worried about pregnancy, labour and birth!

I had seen so many TV programs, which showed labour as being a painful and very scary experience with pain relief being screamed for or medical interventions taking place. I had heard lots of birthing horror stories and I just wasn’t looking forward to the birth which made me feel sad, as this is meant to be a special, exciting and happy time in a woman’s life. After all our bodies are built to get pregnant and give birth.

A close friend of mine knew how anxious I was and pointed me in the direction of a relaxation pregnancy app. I listened to the app every evening as I was going to sleep and as each day passed I became more and more relaxed about the pregnancy and started to enjoy it. It was at this point when I was just coming up to my 2nd trimester that I started to wonder if there was anything I could do to help relieve my fears about labour and birth and it was at this point I came across Hypnobirthing .

After doing a lot of research I decided to go along to a taster session and I dragged my poor husband along (he wasn’t convinced to begin with and thought it was a load of rubbish/hippy nonsense but bless him he came along to support me). After the session we were both rather impressed and signed up to the course. I started the course when I was 24 weeks pregnant, as I wanted to allow as much time as possible to get the practice in so that I was as fully prepared for my baby’s birth.

I developed gestational diabetes at 30 weeks and at this point had to give up work as I became unwell. I was so pleased I had the Hypnobirthing tools as they really helped me to stay relaxed and positive and this made a huge difference to my thoughts and well-being.

At 37 weeks & 1 day I was admitted to hospital and induced. During the induction I used my Hypnobirthing strategies – which allowed me to really relax and to be honest I didn’t really feel the induction pessary being administered.

About 8 hours later I began to feel as if something was happening and 10 hours after the induction I had gone into labour. The frustrating thing for me was the hospital did not believe I was in labour because I was so relaxed and was able to talk normally to the staff. 12 hours after the induction I went to sleep for 2 hours (yes I was in established labour).

At 2am I woke to a tight feeling but it wasn’t painful. At this point I was almost 10cm dilated and once again the staff on the ward did not believe I was in labour as I was talking normally apparently I wasn’t in “enough pain” to be in labour!

I do have to be honest and say at this stage I did have a tiny bit of discomfort in my lower back but nothing a nice hot heat pack couldn’t fix. Plus I have lower back problems which occurred after a serious car accident many years ago so I tend to have discomfort on a daily basis. I just want to point out that during the whole time I was in labour I did not have any pain relief!

Sadly because the induction ward didn’t believe I was in labour my contractions slowed and it was at this point that I wish I had trusted my body’s instincts and gone for it and birthed our baby.

I was eventually taken down to the delivery suite and the lovely midwife examined me and to her shock found I was fully dilated. We tried for a couple of hours to birth our baby but he had become stuck (we think during the period where the contractions had slowed he had moved into a position which caused him to get stuck on my pelvic bone).

I ended up in theatre having a spinal block and an emergency C-section. Even at this point the Hypnobirthing techniques were still helping me to stay calm and I was fully alert to everything that was going on which was great as I was able to be involved in any decisions which needed to be made. I was so relaxed that I didn’t feel the spinal block going into my spine or the three attempts that the nurses had at trying to put a cannula into my hand.

I must admit that during the whole labouring process I was so relaxed & calm and I didn’t experience any pain (it was incredible and something which I didn’t honestly think was possible before Hypnobirthing).  My husband was also shocked by just how relaxed and calm I was, especially as he knows how low my pain threshold is and that I have been known to scream and cry over a little paper cut!

When our beautiful son was born he too was relaxed and calm. After the birth I didn’t feel that tired and actually got up to have a shower 4 hours after having the c-section, which amazed most of the maternity staff.

After my own amazing labour using the Hypnobirthing techniques I decided to train as a KG Hypnobirthing teacher as I believe that every woman has the right to experience the birth that they want. A birth that could potentially be a lot less painful than they might have been led to believe and maybe a birth that is shorter and more enjoyable than they think is actually possible.

I do have to admit our son was a dream baby. He was so relaxed and we had no problems with him feeding or sleeping in fact he started to sleep for a good 4-6 hours every evening until he reached 3 weeks old & then he developed colic and reflux.

Our poor little boy suffered for a further 3 weeks until he was diagnosed with these conditions. I really didn’t like the thought of giving our tiny baby medication so I looked into what I could do naturally to help relieve all these symptoms and I stumbled across baby massage.

I was taught how to carry out some lovely and rather simple massage techniques, which I did everyday religiously, it certainly helped relieve his symptoms and once again we had our very relaxed and calm baby back.

The massage was so lovely and relaxing that we decided to incorporate it into the evening bedtime routine once our little boy reached 6 months. It is such a wonderful time for myself, my husband and our little boy to relax and enjoy that special time to bond as a family.

My son is now over 1 year and he still loves his legs, tummy, back & face massage after bathtime!

After researching further into the health, physical and mental benefits that massage has to offer babies, I decided that I wanted to train and teach other parents/carers the amazing skills and benefits that I have learnt through massage.

It will not only allow you to develop a close loving bond with your baby but will also have huge impact on your baby’s health and physical/mental development and well-being. Baby massage has so many benefits to offer you and your baby.

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