Project Description

For Mother:

  • Women generally feel alert, awake and in control throughout labour & birth
  • Women who do Hypnobirthing usually have more energy and report that they enjoyed giving birth to their baby.
  • By using the Hypnobirthing techniques it has also shown that there is a huge reduction in women needing medication and medical assistance e.g. instrumental (Forceps or vontuse) or surgical births (C-sections).
  • Using Hypnobirthing techniques can also reduce the time in labour and allow for a natural birth in any setting whether that’s at home, midwife lead units or obstetric units.
  • Many Hypnobirthing mothers have reported that they experienced a comfortable and sometimes a pain-free labour & birth.
  • Hypnobirthing mothers often have shorter stays in hospital after the birth.
  • Parents and baby have a strong bond.
  • The majority of Hypnobirths are calm and gentle.
  • Once women learn Hypnobirthing techniques they have these skills for life and can often adapt them for other situations.

For Birth Partner:

  • Partners are able to feel a part of the birth by helping the mother with her relaxation and breathing techniques.
  • Birth partners are a huge part of helping mother to stay calm and enjoy the birth.
  • Birth partners usually are the first port of call and can assist medical staff in questions they may have so that the mother is not distracted from her Hypnobirthing practice (this is very important to help keep the oxytocin levels raised).
  • Birth partners are able to read the relaxation scripts and support the mother.
  • Parents usually become a lot closer during the Hypnobirthing sessions.
  • Parents who have a close loving relationship tend to birth easier as they both produce oxytocin easier and this helps with the surges and birthing of their baby.
  • Birth partners have an important role to play and don’t feel like they are a third party in the room looking on helplessly.

For baby:

  • Babies born to Hypnobirthing mothers tend to be calmer, more relaxed, sleep better and feed better because they have endured a relaxed labour and have been breathed into the world rather than pushed and forced out.
  • Hypnobirthing babies tend to have less traumatic births.
  • Mother, partner and baby tend to have a stronger bond aswell.
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