Project Description

You will be taught:

  • Visualisation techniques
  • Breathing techniques for each stage of labour
  • Deep relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis
  • Positions for active birthing
  • How to feel empowered and confident to ask the right questions, which will allow you and your partner to make the right choices & feel informed about your baby and the birth of your baby.
  • You will learn to trust your body, believe in yourself and know when it is appropriate to let medical staff intervene if that is necessary.
  • You will learn how to breath in a way, which will help relax and calm both you and your baby and this will allow you to birth more easily and feel that you are in control.
  • It will give you and your birth partner the confidence to work with the caregivers and you will learn how to trust your instincts and understand that they are usually correct.
  • That birth partners usually have more influence when dealing with medical staff and are usually listened to in the first instance.
  • That birth partners are able to think clearly about the information being given and can talk to you in a way, which is helpful and positive.
  • How to plan for all eventualities.

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