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“Thank you so much, J and I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and were sad to miss that one session. I loved the Venue it was close to home for us, lots of easy parking and we loved the warm room with the sun streaming in – very zen. I enjoyed going over the massage routines from the previous week/weeks as it was useful to recap and revise as the more you do something, the more likely it is to stick in the mind. I also valued having a discussion topic (when we were getting babies changed back at the end) – I think this is good to do as I know there are always things a group of mums want to talk about for reassurance. I thought you came across very professional, passionate, friendly and caring. The emails and freebies along the way were a lovely personnel touch. I will certainly be recommending you to others. Thank you.”

Group Baby Massage course - Jan 2018, Beautifully Calm

“Firstly I want to say again how much I enjoyed the course, you have a great relaxed teaching style and made us feel welcome and comfortable. I found going over the massage routine from the previous week/weeks very helpful as it just refreshed my memory. Although my little one sometimes needed a break just being able to watch you demonstrate each stroke made a big difference and helped me see the correct technique. I love your choice of venue and although I’ve never been there before I found it easily enough with sat nav. It’s a bright calm and airy room and very much suits your course. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who maybe interested. Thanks for having us. xx”

Group Baby Massage course - Jan 2018, Beautifully Calm

“Loved all the communication and little touches like the different range of massage oils  & personalised stone – it felt very personal. Information pack is very thorough and pictures of the massage techniques/stroke are easy to follow. Thank you.”

Group Baby Massage course - Jan 2018, Beautifully Calm

“I really enjoyed the course. It was very relaxed and you taught each stroke/lesson at a good pace. Thank you.”

1:1 Baby massage course Feb 2018, Beautifully Calm

“I enjoyed the course very much. Vicki you’ve been great, very clear and very patient. Thank you.”

Group Baby Massage course - Jan 2018, Beautifully Calm

“Thank you Vicki for teaching me the colic routine. I have noticed a huge difference in B she is happier, feeding better, is no longer constipated and is back to her normal happy self. I am getting a much better nights sleep. I was very impressed at how you tailored the lessons and how professional yet caring you were. The lessons very paced very well. I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you.”

1:1 Baby massage course Feb 2018, Beautifully Calm

“I have really enjoyed taking part in Vicki’s baby massage course. Vicki is very passionate and knowledgeable about baby massage and what I liked was the fact that if she didn’t know something, instead of making it up, she would find out the answers and either email us or talk to us during the next lesson. The venue she teaches at is so beautiful with floor to ceiling window at either end of the room – yet it still felt very private, relaxing and quiet – it’s just perfect for baby massage! The nicest thing about the room was seeing the rabbits jumping around outside while we were doing our massage class. Vicki played lovely relaxing music and I loved the little personal extras like the personalised stone, goody bag, oils, bubbles for babies and bath bomb for mum’s. Vicki really looked after us and I would definitely recommend her. Thank you Vicki – you have taught me lots and helped me to really strengthen my bond with L.”

1:1 Baby massage course Feb 2018, Beautifully Calm

“I would definitely recommend Vicki’s baby massage course, she is friendly, caring and gives lots of support not only during the course but afterwards aswell. Vicki’s teaching is clear and she talks through all the benefits of each stroke. When my baby was crying Vicki kindly said it was absolutely fine. Vicki was great as we had to stop our 1:1 session for 5 minutes. H then feel asleep and Vicki offered me the demo doll to continue the lesson. I will certainly use Vicki again if I have another baby. Thank you Vicki for being such a wonderful teacher – you’re a star.”

1:1 Baby massage course March 2018, Beautifully Calm

“I enjoyed everything on the course, each lesson goes very quickly. All the techniques work really well, we especially liked the tummy massage. Vicki is very friendly and is a good teacher.”

E & R - Group Baby massage course April 2018, Beautifully Calm

“I liked the fact that Vicki recapped the previous weeks massage routines so I was able to catch-up each week and I didn’t feel I missed out if my baby was feeding etc.. I liked the chance to discuss different topics each week -nice for the mums too. I liked the little mini mum relaxation at the start of the lesson – the course had a nice structure.”

R & S - Group Baby massage course April 2018, Beautifully Calm

“I really enjoyed the course, Vicki is great at making the massage routine easy to understand & remember and she provides a very welcoming environment. The venue (Yanley Court) was amazing, very relaxing and calm! I wasn’t to keen on the discussion topics at the end.”

Group Baby massage course April 2018, Beautifully Calm
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