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What are the benefits of baby massage?

Baby massage has so many benefits for baby & parents/carers. It is amazing just how much baby massage can help you all bond as a family and help baby grow and develop.

Here are some of the benefits baby massage has to offer:

As a family:

  • Helps baby and parents/carers to bond & develop secure attachments
  • Helps with the flow of oxytocin
  • Helps develop good communication between parent/carer & baby
  • Helps to promote a good understand of baby’s cues/cries
  • Parents/carers & baby are spending quality time together
  • Parents/carers & baby are getting to know each other
  • Helps to promote good eye-contact

For baby:

  • Helps baby to establish a strong bond with parent/carer
  • Helps provide a smooth transition from the womb to the outside world
  • Helps baby to develop mentally, socially & physically
  • It can help improve breathing
  • Helps develop the baby’s nervous system (which help regulate the organs and can help provide a more stable heart rate)
  • Helps the neurons in the brain to make connections
  • Helps increase baby’s body awareness
  • Helps release tension from their little arms & legs (after all they do a lot of kicking and waving)
  • Provides a good source of sensory and muscle stimulation
  • Helps boost circulation, digestion, bowel movements and growth
  • Its provide a calmer response to pain and stress
  • It can provide relief for teething pains
  • It can provide relief for cold & block sinuses
  • It can help release trapped wind
  • It can help relieve colic& some digestive problems
  • It promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Helps baby learn to relax
  • Can help to soothe and settle baby
  • Great as part of a daily routine
  • Helps baby sleep and feed better (helps with weight gain)
  • Oils help nourish the skin

For parents/carers:

  • Helps with establishing a bond
  • Helps you to relax and feel calm
  • Helps you with breathing techniques to feel relaxed
  • Helps your release of oxytocin
  • Helps women suffering from PND (Please find support group links here: (Tommy’s,  MindAPNI PANDAS)
  • It can help with skin-to-skin contact
  • Its great for Dads/partners to bond with baby especially if baby is being breastfeed
  • You will feel more confident when handling your baby
  • It encourage instinctive parenting
  • Builds your confidence, your ability to trust in your instincts and helps you grow in self belief
  • It allows you time out from a hectic world

The 10 main factors which deepen attachment between you and baby are: Skin to skin contact, good eye contact, odour/scent, hearing, speaking, crying, smiling, feeding, interaction & imitation.

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