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Project Description

What will I learn on the course?

  • How to give your baby a massage which is safe and will benefit them
  • The different strokes to use on certain areas of the body
  • How each massage stroke benefits your baby
  • Different routines for certain areas of the body
  • How baby massage benefits your baby now & for the rest of their life
  • How baby massage benefits you & your family
  • How to bond effectively with your baby through massage
  • How to bond effectively as a family (with partner & Baby)
  • How to boost oxytocin levels
  • How to recognise your baby’s cues/cries
  • How to relieve symptoms of teething pains
  • How to relieve symptoms of blocked sinuses
  • A few simple steps to help relieve colic(although a full colic workshop or 1:1 teaching is advised if your baby is suffering)
  • How to aid digestion and healthy bowel movements
  • How to boost circulation
  • How to spend quality time with your baby
  • How to build it into a daily routine
  • Through the sessions you will naturally boost your self confidence as a parent
  • To trust your instincts as a parent
  • How to be inspired by your baby
  • You are learning new skills for life

Remember you are your baby’s first teacher and you know your baby better than anyone else!

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